Pop tabs Santas

After a request I’m going to try to write a tutorial for the Santas in English.
I found out that it was harder than I expected, so I have no hard feelings if you drop a comment bellow, if you have a good idea have I could have put the words instead.

First of all I crochet with my left hand, so you have to mirror it to use the rigth hand.
The Chrochet words I use is the american terms.

-You take a poptab and cut of all the sharpe edges.
I turn the poptab so that the “thick” end is going to be the forehead and the “thin” end is where I’m going to make the beard.

-You make single crochet all the way around the poptab.
I don’t count how many, just fill the holes and make some ekstra.
But I have an average on 15 in each hole.
I start with the thin end.
-When you get to the start again you make a slip stich in the first stich and then a chain.
After that you continue with single crochet, until you reach the beginning again.
And finish with a slip stich.
-Now you are starting on the beard.
Make 5 chains, make a slip stich in the next stich.
Make 5 more chains and make a slip stich in the next stich.
Then you make it with 6,7,8,9,10 chains until you reach the buttom of the tab.
There you turn it around and make 10,9,8,7,6,5,5 chains.
Now you are finished with the head and we go on to the hat.

-You use only single crochet.
Start down at the side, (It will not get as sweet if the hat is just at the top. )
and make single crochet until you reach the same point as you started, on the other side.
-make a chain and turn the santa around
-start with a single crochet in the second stich.

This way I get one stich less on every row and when there is only 1 stich left I make a hole bunch of chains.
As long as you need it.
and then make a slip stich.

Med 1 ekstra omgang rundt clipsen.

Med 1 ekstra omgang rundt clipsen.

I have used mercerized cotton 8/4
And a crochet hook number 1,5

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